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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get Painted - Go Crazy!

That's right! I'm sorry for posting this one late (I've been caught up with work recently) but seeing as its still a few days away you still have the opportunity to jump into this amazing event!

I am referring to Miami's biggest September event - JOUVERT!

This event is hosted in Soho Studios right in Miami's Design District. The night starts off with a round of tequila shots at the door, wherein you walk into a large warehouse dance floor. It seems pretty simple - giant nightclub with music blasting all night long - pretty similar to what you're used to in a regular nightclub. Even the rules are the same, in the case that its 18 to party and 21 to drink (no surprise there though)

Now here's where the differences begin - If you DO happen to be 21 and up you will have access to FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT LONG. That means you cna have as much (or as little) as you want to get you in that mood. Now you're starting to feel good, right? Well its gets even more interesting, and this is where Jouvert becomes truly unique. Shortly after the party starts the numerous water sprinklers adorning the ceiling of this giant warehouse turn on, spraying everyone on the dance floor and in the warehouse alike.

It's shortly after this that they then start handing out the paint.

That's right, the PAINT! Jouvert's biggest attraction (aside from all the free drinks) is the chance to get in, grab some paint, and just douse someone in vibrant colors. Gallons of paint are distributed, leaving you with plenty of opportunity to paint whomever you want whenever you want. And what happens should you not feel too in the mood? Did I mention FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT?!

It's definitely not for everyone, but it is one hell of an experience. Tickets are pre-sold at 40$, whereas they are sold for 50$ at the door. Make sure to dress in clothes you can get painted in (the paint is washable, but it doesn't hurt to buy a 5$ white shirt from a nearby store). If this sounds like your type of party then get your ticket ASAP!


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